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About us

IT provides companies and institutions in the Netherlands with innovative IT infrastructure solutions, that form the foundation of their business operations. We devise, install and manage your digital engine, with which you can be successful. Our employees are all professionals in their fields and they are eager to contribute to your – and therefore our – success. An ambitious IT knowledge company such as IT creation has a culture in which every employee wants to continue developing himself, working with pleasure, solving interesting issues and, moreover, working diligently to achieve the desired result.

We are located in Papendrecht, but we are active throughout the Netherlands for both small and medium enterprises and large companies and government institutions. We work according to our core values ​​and attach great importance to the knowledge and skills of our employees.

We proudly describe our vision as follows:
We believe that IT is the digital engine to be successful as an organisation. That is why we build the foundation of the business operations of organisations with in-depth knowledge of driven professionals. We advise, implement and manage innovative IT infrastructures that keep in pace with your needs.

Our working method

Short lines ensure smooth, clear and unambiguous communications. That characterizes our working methods, according to our customers. In addition, we distinguish ourselves with in-depth technical knowledge of IT infrastructures and we are flexible without making concessions to the quality of the IT solution or the management process.



Your partner who is only satisfied with 100% quality. Our ISO certification helps us to ensure the quality of our services at a consistent level.



Working with a positive customer-oriented attitude provides energy, responsiveness, proactivity, drive. As a customer, you come first!


Always on

Our customers can count on us 24x7. Whether it concerns a quick quote, an urgent delivery, an acute disruption. We are happy to take that extra step.


Our core values

'Always on' is IT creation’s slogan and therefore our most important core value. We have six additional core values of which we endorse our knowledge and skills. This applies both internally and externally.


A deal is a deal


Quality trumps quantity


Out together, at home together


With full commitment





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