SMB & large enterprises

In the profit sector we work for various companies and institutions. We serve a range of small and medium businesses and large enterprise, located in The Netherlands – as requirements for basic infrastructures are nearly identical in all lines of business. Features like: security, scalability, flexibility, high performance, 24×7 availability, – not one company is satisfied with less. Obviously, a specific sector will assign extra value to a specific characteristic. We therefore pay extra attention to each specific characteristic in our infrastructure design. We have supplied many powerful digital engines in several different market segments. With our successful references, we prove to be a reliable IT partner.

Small and Medium Business

Work worry-free and rely on a powerful IT partner in order to focus on the growth of your business. With our infrastructure solutions and managed services we ensure that you do not have to worry about your IT.

Large Enterprise

A powerful collaboration, in which we provide extensive knowledge to optimize an IT infrastructure and a digital workplace - that is centrally or locally implemented and managed.

International organizations

International standardization of devices and data centers. Advised, organised and managed centrally from The Netherlands, we supply and implement throughout the world.

IT infrastructures for SMB and large enterprises

From a digitization point of view, SMB’s and Large Enterprises are faced with difficult choices regarding their IT infrastructures and devices. Is the IT infrastructure installed and managed on your location, or do you use infrastructure capacity in the cloud? Which functions are available to provide and facilitate the digital workplace for employees? Which type of corporate device to you support or do you want to introduce a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) policy. To cope with these questions, the used application landscape, must be considered. In addition, we set up a list of functional requirements, so we can assist you to choose in a responsible manner.

IT advice for businesses and organisations

Would you like to contact our advisers and technical consultants to know more about the possibilities, and their added value for your organisation? Contact us and we will gladly inform you.

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