We work for various (semi) governmental entities, such as local government, education and healthcare institutions. We are often selected as an IT partner for data center, networking or device solutions via a European or private tender selection process. Based on the requirements, we offer standardized or custom-configured solutions. We deliver, install and migrate these solutions using a best-practice project plan. We shape our solution and services, primarily based on your functional and technical requirements, to also comply to our sustainability and corporate social responsibility, as stated in our ISO 14001 certification.

Local government

Our reliable and secure IT infrastructures are always available to citizens and civil servants. Based on your requirements, we offer tailor made solutions, like data center and/or network infrastructures and devices.


The education market is changing rapidly. From classroom to project-based work. The use of digital teaching aids and blended learning programs ensure that IT plays an important central role in educational institutions..

Independent Governmental Bodies

Independent administrative entities also have to comply with governmental procurement rules. Via market consultations, we are happy to help,with our many years of experience to draw a sharply defined specification. After all, you want to tender in such a way that you take maximum advantage of market knowledge and do not select a long-term partner based on a price list request.

Knowledge of IT and procurement

Tender obligated organizations expect to select a IT-partner who will help them for many years with often difficult IT issues. Selecting an IT partner that is capable and has the required knowledge via a tender process is not easy. Sharply written specifications and conditions, a program of requirements and relevant quality case studies, combined with a transparent assessment method ensure this. Our tender desk has many years of experience and likes to share this knowledge with you in all transparency. IT creation takes part in IT tender procedures, where in-depth knowledge is key. We work with a thorough plan of activities that is pre-screened by technical pre-sales specialists and project managers. This results in a successful project start and implementing the required solution. With this methodical approach, we ensure that your digital engine is well equipped to achieve your business objectives.

Consultancy for governmental organizations

Would you like to contact our experienced tender desk for smart tips or would you like to notify us of a (private) tender? Please contact us and we gladly provide further information.

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