Cloud hosting

When expanding your company, you want to be able to scale your ICT to further boost your growth. You want to manage your servers and storage in a stable and safe environment, based on high security standards, continuity for your hosting facilities and people who manage your IT infrastructure with extensive know-how. We offer a wide range of solutions, based on high-demanding customer needs from a single storage rack in our data center to a customized private cage and everything in between. With the services, provided by IT creation, you are ensured of a reliable dedicated IT-environment.


Whatever you choose: a private-, multi- or a hybrid cloud solution, you will always get your server and storage capacity from our reliable and secure cloud environment with no hassle. We ensure that you will always have access. And if you need more capacity, we will easily provide this for you.


Colocation by IT creation provides you a safe environment where you can install your own IT infrastructure. The location is equipped with multiple security features and meets the highest standards of security certification. Complete with redundant fast internet connections, power supply, cooling, fire prevention features and monitoring systems.

Managed Services

Managing your IT is crucial. IT creation’s Managed Services contains Remote Monitoring or Remote Management services. Our service desk is available by phone 7x24 hours for Prio-1 incidents. With all of our As a Service solutions, we ensure that your applications and data remain securely available for both your employees and customers.

Building, hosting and managing your dedicated data center

The current extensive digitization entails growth in data and applications. Therefore, you need scalable data center solutions that meet the growing demand for processing power and storage capacity.
With our managed services, we provide continuity and stability for your IT infrastructure. We offer a wide variety of managed infrastructure solutions. If you want to maximize your performance, standardization is key. Therefore, our own server and storage infrastructure is build on Dell Technologies systems only. After an assessment of your current infrastructure we mutually decide if the performance, capacity and maintenance of your infrastructure is still up-to-date and meeting all your and our requirements. If so, we will physically move your environment to one of our data centers in The Netherlands and take full responsibility based on a Service Level Agreement. From this moment you no longer need to worry about your data center infrastructure and you can fully focus on your business.

Cloud hosting advice

If you want to use our services, an upfront IT-environment assessment is necessary. Hosting and managing your data requires good planning and the right choices in design based on your projected future growth. With our extensive knowledge of data center infrastructure solutions, we suggest the most ideal hosting solution based on your situation and requirements.

We are happy to help you with sound advice!

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