Data protection

With data storage it is imperative that the correct data is stored on systems that are most suitable for this (tiering). Your valuable data must be carefully stored and preserved according to laws and regulations.  Finding the data quickly, transporting this data securely and with integrity to the clients is also a major challenge.  Data loss or data leaks are prevented by using techniques such as tiering, encryption and digital signatures.  By applying Data protection you achieve a powerful comprehensive protection that minimises the chance of data loss.


A well-organised backup is an important part of data protection. Prevention is always better than cure, therefore, having a backup safely and quickly available is a must.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is more than just a backup of files or data, but a complete copy environment that is 1:1 mirrored up-to-date for when problems arise with the primary IT environment.

Application security

Data protection combines security storage and software, with search and analysis functions in the largest application ecosystem, both physical and virtual.

Data management policy

When applying data protection within an IT infrastructure, we look at the data flows, but also at the application landscape. Data protection is often part of a data management policy.  This prevents data leaks, data loss or loss of productivity.  Data protection improves the continuity of your organisation and ensures that you have insight into your data flows and storage.

Data protection advice

Data protection ensures that you have insight into your data flows and optimally protect them.  Our pre-sales consultants support you in making the right choices and our engineers take care of the complete implementation.

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