Processor speed, i/o, cache and memory. This and much more determines the power of the engine of your IT infrastructure.  Servers provide the power needed for a strong IT infrastructure.  Nowadays, servers are both physically and/or virtually installed in your and/or our data centre. Servers also often have a specific task: storing a file, database or web server or a server running an ERP or CRM system. A server is a crucial part of your IT infrastructure and therefore needs to be fast, scalable, secure and available 24×7. IT creation possesses all of the knowledge and experience to advise you concerning which server solution is best for you.


An IT infrastructure at your location, also known as on-premise, consists of one or more physical and / or virtual servers. This is the ultimate power of the digital engine.

Data center

In an IT environment in the (private) cloud, your servers are located in either physically/virtually in your own, or in our data centre. Of course, you can also make full use of our server capacity.


Discover the modern possibilities of servers, which form the core of your IT environment. With powerful servers you can achieve and continue your digitization for now and in the future.

Physical servers

Physical servers come in various form factors, such as rack, tower, blade and converged. In recent years, there have been many innovations in the field of server equipment. The computing power and in particular the density has been spectacularly improved, so that the energy consumption, required rack floor space and heat output have been extensively reduced. Your current servers may still be technically suitable for their task, however, it can be financial and management-wise essential to exchange your current servers for a new state-of-the-art server solution. Our consultants are happy to inform you about the innovations relevant to you. And if you are convinced, you will receive an interesting trade-in proposal and a competitive offer for the purchase of new server equipment. Alternatively, we even offer a financing proposal based on a fixed price per month.

Server configuratie advies

Based on the performance your servers have to do, our consultants, with all of their extensive knowledge and experience, will carefully configure your new servers. Only this enables your server environment to become your powerful digital engine.

Let our consultants advise you on how to optimally set up your IT environment.

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