Storage, or data storage, is essential to meet the demand for information from Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).  When designing your storage environment and drawing up the backup plan, it is important to determine how to deal with unstructured data. And also how to handle videos, images, social media posts, and so on. The scope of this is many times larger than that of structured data.  By classifying data, you ensure that the most important information for your organization takes precedence in availability and accessibility over less relevant data. With a flexible, scalable and redundant storage architecture, all your data is always securely available. The need for a quickly available backup becomes less relevant.


You choose a server / storage environment at your own location to have and maintain maximum performance and control over your data. When determining your storage architecture, a good classification of your existing data is necessary.

Data center

Your storage environment is fully located in our data centre. We take care of its management. You can choose a shared or private storage environment. We also take care of the backup of your data according to a backup schedule determined in consultation with you.


Obtaining and storing data is crucial to achieve and continue digitisation. The digital gold can help your organization realise your future.

Data storage

Enriching data so that it becomes valuable information and storing it in such a way that you can always and quickly access your information: that is worth its weight in gold! When setting up a storage environment, you must prioritise the data flows and additional workloads.  You determine, based on the need to be able to consult certain information quickly, which storage form best suits this information (so-called tiering). Multiple storage systems can be used side-by-side for this.

Storage configuration advice

A storage environment is composed with knowledge and care for the best result in your IT environment.  Only then can it be your digital engine.  To achieve the ideal storage layout, our pre-sales consultants are happy to assist you with the right advice at the best investment.

Let our consultants advise you on how to optimally set up your IT environment.

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