Managed Cloud

Always an up-to-date IT infrastructure or are you trying to reduce your CO2 footprint? You might not always have the time and specific knowledge to manage your IT infrastructure or you want to focus more on what IT can contribute to your business? The Managed Cloud environment of IT creation is the ideal solution for your organization.

Choose a DCaaS, IaaS or PaaS solution in one of our Dutch data centers. Together with IT creation, you will stay in control of your IT environment.

Are you worried about your recovery in case of failure of your IT environment or data loss? Then our Data Managed Cloud solutions are the right insurance for your IT environment.

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Private Cloud advantages

If you need to renew your data center, are uncomfortable with frequent technology updates, want to save on energy and maintenance costs or experience a lack of knowledge to proactively manage your IT infrastructure, then your IT in the Private Cloud of IT creation is an interesting solution.

Up to date and innovative data center

Reduces your CO2 footprint

Risk reduction


Energy saving

Your focus on your business

Flexible and scalable IT

For all data center solutions, you use a secure and reliable Private Cloud environment with an appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA). Are you curious about the flexible and scalable possibilities at IT creation? Through the link below you can view all SLA levels that are possible at IT creation.

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