Back-up as a Service (BaaS)

Good data storage is not enough. From a risk management point of view, arranging and organising a backup is key. BaaS offers you the security that a backup of your data is safely stored, so that the risk of data loss is minimised. Backup of data is essential to guarantee the continuity of your organisation.


A secure backup ensures minimization in the field of possible data loss.

Data center

A backup in the data centre offers security and is always accessible from any location.

Powerful management

Management and control of the backup is carried out by our specialists.

Backup pure necessity

Properly organising a backup is of vital importance for organisations to continue working from the backup situation without problems.  From that principle, paying too little attention to a backup scheme is not an option.

Back-up advice

As part of a storage solution, setting up a back-up is important.  Our storage experts help you set up the environment and can also manage it.

Let our consultants advise you on how to optimally set up our back-up service.

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