Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery is one of the elements of the IT Service Continuity (ITSC). This includes policies, tools and procedures that enables you to continue working, should anything happen. A major interruption or an emergency can always occur. Especially in business-critical applications, your IT foundation is of great value. A Disaster Recovery solution is absolutely necessary to achieve comprehensive data security. After all, your data is worth its weight in gold to your organisation.

Necessary availability

In the event of a major emergency, optimal and direct availability of your business-critical data is key.

Fully repairable

With Disaster Recovery, you are assured of completely recoverable data that seemed to be lost.

Limited investment

The investment in DR compared to the final loss of your data is very limited.

No more data loss

With business-critical applications and data, it is impossible to have your data corrupt or completely disappeared as a result of an emergency. To eliminate this, it is wise to integrate a Disaster Recovery solution into your IT infrastructure and management processes.

Disaster Recovery advice

Before setting up Disaster Recovery, we investigate which data qualify for this solution.  Together with one of our storage consultants, you make the best choice.

We are happy to inform you about the unknown possibilities.

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