Managed Services

Do you want to keep your attention on your core tasks and on supporting your business? Do you experience regular breakdowns and want to improve continuity? Or are you short of time or specialist knowledge?

From incidental support to the complete outsourcing of your IT environment, with the Managed Services of IT creation everything is possible and you are always in control of your IT environment.

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Advantages of outsourcing your IT Managed Services

In addition to the choices: BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM, you choose the SLA (Service Level Agreement) form that best suits your situation. IT Creation offers three different SLA forms: Bronze, Silver or Gold.


Always IT knowledge

Focus on your core business

Innovative IT

Cost efficient

Support up to full service

Differences between Managed Services

You have made the choice to outsource your IT management, now you need to choose the right form. We identify a number of possibilities, from which you can make a choice that best fits the IT needs of your organization. Do you want basic support or do you want to outsource your IT completely to IT Creation?

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Why outsource your IT Managed Services?

IT environments are becoming increasingly complex and managing them requires new knowledge all the time. Therefore it is not always realistic or convenient to do all the work yourself. Careful management can ensure that your infrastructure performs optimally and facilitates your business. Outsourcing Manged Services is therefore a logical thought.

Outsourcing can be done as support, leaving you in control. It is possible to choose a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that suits your situation. Clear agreements result in the best possible cooperation.

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