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Your organization benefits from an IT environment that matches your objectives and growth ambitions.  Extensive knowledge of all IT domains is required to achieve this. From IT architecture to complete design of IT infrastructures.  From data flow analysis to advice on the choice of hardware components. In addition, you can choose to set up an infrastructure at your own location or to purchase this as a service from the cloud.

IT creation helps you with all these difficult issues with strategic, architecture and configuration advice. This helps you to achieve a reliable, scalable, flexible and secure IT infrastructure and workplace design.  We look at the wishes and requirements of your organization, but also at the latest IT innovations.


With in-depth knowledge of the design, installation and management of IT infrastructures, both at your location and from a (hybrid) cloud solution, we help you make important choices.


Experience is perhaps even more important than knowledge. We have been creating innovative IT infrastructures for a large number of customers for more than 15 years. Satisfied customer references say more than a diploma or certificate.

Strong partners

We stand together! That is why we work with a number of carefully selected partners and suppliers who, together with IT creation, implement high-quality solutions.

IT knowledge house

To gain in-depth knowledge of innovative IT solutions, we continuously invest in training, education and testing grounds for knowledge in theory and practice. IT creation is an IT knowledge house and opts for certain specialisms to create demonstrable added value when we are approached. And for adjacent IT domains, we work together with equally specialised business partners.  That is what companies and organisations need: an IT partner with in-depth knowledge that offers distinctive knowledge and experience. Therefore, they can quickly progress with the digitisation of their organisation.

Looking for an expert IT advice? Ask our specialised advisers and consultants who are eager to advise you concerning your IT strategy for the coming years. Also, they can advise which architecture and configuration will meet your requirements and wishes.  Together we look at the corresponding possibilities and investments to make the best choice for your organisation.

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