Service Level Agreements

For all data center solutions, you use a secure and reliable Private Cloud environment with an appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA). IT Creation has three SLA levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The overview below shows what you can expect from the different SLA levels.

The Managed Cloud and Data Managed Cloud solutions indicate which level is available for which IT solution. Together with IT Creation, you can keep control over your data environment.

Want to know more details about the different Service Level Agreements? let us know and we will provide detailed information.

Your question about our SLA

ITIL processes

At IT creation, we are working according to ITIL processes in order to fulfil, among others, the Service Level Agreements, as agreed. This ensures that, regardless of the people involved, you can count on a powerful IT partner. The three different SLA levels also have different lead times. Naturally, the indicated time is the shortest with the Gold SLA. These differences will be discussed when you are in consultation with IT Creation.