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From space technology to high performance computing IT infrastructure. IT creation develops powerful hybrid IT infrastructure as a Datacenter as a Service solution for Miramap with Dell Technologies.

Periodic audits are the basis for many government agencies and organizations to assess certain aspects. For example, for the resilience and condition of dikes against the water. By applying innovation and new techniques, new control systems are developed that perform the periodic inspections better, more accurately and with more image. Miramap is an excellent example, in which space technology has been further developed into platforms that digitally map a situation and translate it into (3D) visual material for analysis.

Higher performance necessary
For now and in the future, the developed technology is the “core business”. The generation of this high-quality data requires not only a reliable and secure IT environment, but above all a solution that fits the growth and digitization of Miramap. Speed ​​and strength are essential, but also in-depth knowledge for carefree management and improvement of the hybrid IT infrastructure.

The delivered solution
In order to offer the maximum performance, a high performance infrastructure has been implemented, which Miramap uses as a Data Center as a Service solution. This solution was chosen because of the reliability and flexibility of the solution compared to a data center on location. The high performance environment enables Miramap to perform the processing of the images at a high speed in combination with software from LEICA to the final result. Together, Miramap, Dell Technologies and IT creation have come up with a solution that offers Miramap the speed, flexibility and performance to be able to focus on their primary processes. Infrastructure management is provided by IT creation, which will ensure the continuity of the delivered solution. The delivered solution consists of multiple Dell EMC FX2 chassis with FC640 servers linked to Dell EMC R740XD2 NAS storage units. The processing of the image material takes place on Dell rack Precision 7920 workstations in order to be able to carry out the processing independently on location.

Result for Miramap
One can work independently and use the high performance required to produce and develop the digital materials at Miramap. They can lean and rely on a powerful and reliable hybrid IT infrastructure and an IT partner that assists them with the necessary specific knowledge within a Managed Services service. As a result, Miramap customers can count on qualitative insights from the images and calculations provided.


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