Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Data continues to grow exponentially both in quantity and complexity. With this in mind it is important to organize data storage in a smart way in accordance with applicable regulations and maximum security. A thorough data storage service plan is drawn up and implemented based on the chosen IT infrastructure. This plan may also include follow-up services such as Backup, Data Protection and Data Recovery. Creating a cost-efficient storage infrastructure is a challenge for IT departments of organizations.  We are happy to advise and to help you.

High availability

Your data always and everywhere available at the desired speed.

Safe and repairable

Data must be securely stored and accessible. In case of calamities, data must quickly be recoverable.

Cost efficient

A cost-efficient, flexible and secure storage infrastructure that is always at your disposal from our data centre.

Data as a digital fuel

For years, big data and Artificial Intelligence have been important trends. Applications generate more and more data that must be stored securely and must be quickly accessible. The requirements for your data storage are increasing with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.  We are happy to help you set up a smart data storage that meets your requirements and meets the applicable regulations.

Storage advice

A well thought out design of your storage infrastructure is necessary to guarantee the security of working with data without any worries. One of our storage consultants takes care of this.

One of our storage consultants will perform a data scan in your area and provide substantiated advice.

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