Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)

You have a growing organization and you have your own IT infrastructure with your own specific applications. However, setting up and managing your data centre environment is a breeze. Data centre as a Service is the ideal solution for you.  Together with you, we will check whether your IT environment still meets the requirements and wishes that you set for it. We physically move your environment to our data centre in The Netherlands and take full management of this.  This way you no longer have to worry about your data centre infrastructure and you can focus on what is needed to promote the growth of your business.

Modern and safe

A modern data centre, equipped with optimal physical and data security, redundant data lines, power and cooling facilities. We place your infrastructure in racks in our data centre and take full management of this.


A growing organization requires an IT environment that grows and is scalable. With our cloud solutions we facilitate strong growth without unexpected restrictions, which raise less concern.

Knowledge house

In a rapidly changing market, it is necessary to let the IT infrastructure change with it. With our knowledge and experience, we anticipate changes and ensure that you are always ahead.

Working from the modern data centre

In modern IT environments, all your data centre solutions together form the central source of power for your company. The digital engine, with which you are able to achieve their business objectives.  The extensive digitisation entails growth in data and applications. Therefore, you desire especially scalable data centre solutions that meet the growing demand for processing power, secure data storage and access to your digital engine anytime, anywhere.

Data center advice

Working from the data centre requires a long-term vision.  Cloud solutions, such as Data centre as a Service, require good planning to make the right choices for the design and future growth.  With full knowledge of data centres, we advise you on the ideal data centre solution.

Our experienced consultants will be happy to advise you on the extensive options.

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