If you carry out your IT management yourself, an IT partner looking over your shoulder is hardly a superfluous luxury. After all, it may happen that you need planned – or worse: unplanned – temporary help with the management of your IT infrastructure. Consider, for example, the extra pressure on your management department in case of holidays or illness of your system administrator. You should then be able to fall back on a professional partner who is familiar with your IT infrastructure and with whom you have made clear agreements in advance. With PLUS from IT creation you have this certainty.

Installation and setup

We take care of the installation and setup of the required software tools, processes and communication. Both your administrator(s) and our management department will have insight into your system notifications.

Need help

If critical notifications are not resolved quickly, our administrators proactively check whether you need help resolving the problem.


If you need help, please call our Service Desk (7x24 hours for P1 escalations) for support during working days and office hours.


The request for temporary help in managing your IT infrastructure often comes unexpectedly. Think of incidents or (temporary) absence of your system administrator. On the other hand, sometimes it can be useful if a professional administrator always looks over your shoulder and intervenes when critical system messages take too long to resolve.

Before professional remote assistance is possible, a number of things need to be organised and arranged in advance. This includes installing and setting up necessary software tools and recording procedures, work and communication agreements. We also make agreements with you about a number of predetermined support hours in the PLUS contract, which you expect to deploy. We set aside these hours and place them on your IT chip card. This ensures priority when assigning work to customers without an IT chip card.

In brief:

  • Install and set up (remote) management software and processes.
  • We continuously look over your shoulder, which prevents you to overlook critical reports.
  • IT chip card with advance support hours purchased at a reduced rate.
  • Direct access to the 5×8 hours Service Desk (7×24 hours for P1 escalations) for request support.
  • Hours required are prioritised and deducted from your IT chip card.

Managed Services advice

With the PLUS contract, you are therefore optimally prepared to call on our help remotely at any time.

If you wish further information, please contact one of our Managed Services advisers.

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